Heirloom styles for your growing little one

Why do we love classic styles? Our shoes are handmade with heirloom quality. We love seeing them passed down from child to child. To make them last even longer, we want them to outlast trends with our timeless look!

  • Handcrafted

    Did you know that on average it takes 125 steps to make one pair of our shoes? Each pair is handcrafted in Pennsylvania by a team of over 20 skilled shoemakers!

  • Family Owned

    Four generations of shoemakers have walked through these doors, where you’re greeted by the smell of leather, the hum of machines running, and the vibration of the old wooden floors.

  • Historic Factory

    This little shoe factory of ours has been manufacturing children’s shoes from a small Pennsylvania town since 1888.

  • Designed with fit & comfort in mind

    Our shoes use traditional sizing so you can get the perfect fit for your little one! Whether your child's foot is narrow, wide, or somewhere in between, we have a style for you.

Made in PA since 1888

See what our customers are saying!

Every time a pair of shoes leaves our factory we are excited for what happens next. We are so honored to be part of your holidays, milestones, and everyday adventures!

  • "Comfortable, high quality, ethically made kids shoes! Made in the USA." - Danielle L.

  • "Brilliant and beautiful shoes, heirloom quality. Will be going again again until my daughter's feet grow too big!" - E. Holly

  • "Honestly the best shoes my kids ever wear. They say they’re the comfiest shoes they have. And they’re heirlooms. We are so grateful for this company ❤️" - Laura P.

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