The oldest surviving childrens shoe manufacturer in America, Kepner Scott Shoe Company has been hand crafting quality childrens footwear since 1888.

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  • Q: What types of shoes does Kepner Scott manufacture?Classic all leather baby boots, boys and girls casual and dress shoes, as well as leather sandals and custom make up shoes.
  • Q: What are Kepner Scott’s trade names?Our trade names are Amilio, Carpenter, Sandals by Carpenter and Self Starters.
  • Q: Do you only offer children’s shoes?Yes, we manufacture and stock children's shoes from infant's size 0 to child's size 3 in whole and half sizes as well as B to EEE widths.
  • Q: Are all your shoes made in the USA?Yes, our all leather children’s footwear is made in Orwigsburg, PA.
  • Q: Where can I buy Amilio’s and Carpenter’s?Stores throughout the United States and Canada.  In addition, there are several e-commerce footwear stores where our footwear is available.
  • Q: How do I contact Kepner Scott to find the store closest to me? We can be reached by phone at 1 800-832-7280 Monday thru Friday 8AM to 4PM EST or thru email at
  • Q: Can I buy direct from Kepner Scott for my child? Not at this time. Our customer service representatives will help you find a store closest to you. Presently our sales are limited to retail stores.
  • Q: What if the store closest to me doesn’t carry the style I want to order? The store would have to call us and place a special order or we would refer you to one of our internet retailers.
  • Q: If I am a retailer, how can I establish an account with Kepner Scott? New customers are required to fill out a credit application. If immediate shipment is required, we will ship with a credit card until open credit is established.